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Personalised acrylic prints

Digital printing directly on acrylic with secured backing. Ready-to-hang on your wall.

  • Details: Smooth, polished finish
  • Hanging included: Hanging plate or aluminium cleat
  • Sizes: 38 choices + custom sizes possible
  • Finish: Glossy brilliance
  • Medium: 4 mm acrylic + 3 mm Dibond backing

Colours come alive on acrylic

Acrylic prints are characterised by vibrant colours and glossy finish. Enjoy rich colour reproduction on this optically clear material.

Polished edges give your photos an added depth as the colours reflect back from side-view.

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Acrylic prints for modern touch

Personal photos combined with acrylic is a stylish choice to personalise your walls. Your photos printed on ultra-modern glossy acrylic is a way to combine your favourite photos with material that looks good in any space.

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Fully finished photo print

Acrylic comes fully finished with added backing for extra support and durability. Aluminium back ensures that your print hangs straight on your wall – even at larger size.

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Acrylic print in detail

Our hanging options are perfectly suited to different print sizes.
Prints are designed to hang straight, with a little gap to the wall

Hanging plates

Hanging plates are used for small and medium sized prints.

Built-in hanging

Easy to hang securely with built-in aluminium profile. Comes in pair for larger prints.

Wall spacers

Print hangs straight with protective spacers.

Direct print on acrylic

Your photo is printed on acrylic at high quality.

Polished edges

Acrylic has added depth and vibrancy with polished edges.

Glossy surface

Beautiful luminance that makes colours pop.

Put your photo art on the wall

Mix-and-match different photos to make a photo collage and be sure that your personality and memories make a statement on your walls. Create your prints via our online photo builder in few simple steps.

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Get inspired with acrylic prints

Acrylic is perfectly suited for different spaces and styles.
Use your photos as perfect wall art.

Create your custom print in few steps

Prints are ready to ship in 5-7 working days.

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