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Custom metal photo print

Frequently used in art galleries and showcases for its excellent print properties and quality.


  • Details: Lightweight and glare-free
  • Hanging included: Metal hanger or aluminium cleat
  • Sizes: 38 choices + custom sizes possible
  • Finish: Matte with light metallic sheen
  • Medium: 3 mm direct print on Alu-Dibond

Alternative to traditional frames

Metal prints are ready to hang and have no need for frames which makes it a great alternative to traditional photo framing. The end result is very similar to photographic paper.

Metal composite is very light but also very rigid material which makes it perfect for different types of photographic display -at home, exhibitions or office.

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Create your own gallery wall

Soft satin finish ensures that your photo is glare-free and viewable from every angle.

For the full effect, create your very own personalised gallery wall by combining multiple, different sized metal prints. Easy and affordable

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Direct print on metal

Our direct print method ensures that your metal print is waterproof and fade-resistant. Smooth satin-white surface is perfect to printon and produces rich colours and sharp details.

When put into direct light, light metal sheen comes out in the brighter areas of an image. This effect enhances the viewing experience of your images.

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Metal print in detail

Our hanging options are perfectly suited to different print sizes.
Prints are designed to hang straight, with a little gap to the wall

Hanging plates

Hanging plates are used for small and medium sized prints

Aluminium cleat

Comes in a pair for large metal prints.

Wall spacers

Print hangs straight with protective spacers.

Wall art made of metal

Check out our metal print examples for some extra inspiration
for your next photo print order.

Create your custom print in few steps

Prints are ready to ship in 5-7 working days.

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