Artist’s insight on glass prints – Anna K. Greus

Photographic artist Anna K. Greus shares her professional perspective for choosing glass as an artistic medium.

About the artist

Anna K. Greus weaves dreams into enchanting photography art. DREAM GARDEN is a collection of works that have been created from Anna’s memories of kaleidoscope, interest of supernatural phenomena, and the overall question what dreams really are. During the years of 2015 and 2018, Anna learnt and developed a technique to create dream-like images without digital photo manipulation- using solely analogous techniques.

DREAM GARDEN has had multiple exhibits in Finland and also in Sweden.

Photography art on glass

As Anna’s works have been made with Beyondprint glass, we wanted to find out what advice she would like to offer to other people planning the same, and why she chose the material and what feedback she has received.

Anna’s insight on glass printing:

”Very often it is difficult to capture the spirit of an image, going from screen to print. On paper, colours and contrasts can turn muted as there is no backlight, as on screens. However, glass printing has solved this problem for me. Glass is very striking, as it highlights contrasts, depth and brightness of colours. It brings images to life in a new way- as my art would become ethereal beings; suiting the mystic nature of my work. Glass gives an impression of dream visions being underneath the surface, on another level.    

Glass was the perfect choice for my DREAM GARDEN artwork collection. The technique itself arouses curiosity, awe and mysticism. Glass is yet quite exotic as a material, as I have noted with discussions with exhibit visitors. There is a sense of newness, something unexpected and rare as a material. Based on the feedback, glass has a feel of luxury and quality in its glossiness. People who have purchased my work have been impressed with the depth and vibrancy of colours. I have also tried printing my work on acrylic but due to slight differences, I find glass better, for example in its clarity.

I always prefer having my work hung with aluminium hanging cleat– easiest option without trying to balance with level, pencil and nails! For printing on glass, I would recommend brightening darker areas of photos and in return, toning down lighter areas to keep the balance.’’

Anna K. Greus is a Finnish artist, whose passion is to recreate dream worlds through photography. www.annagreus.com IG: @unitarhuri

Anna’s artwork ‘Soul Flight’ just after receiving and unpacking the glass print. We take the utmost care in packing our prints.

Anna giving the background story on DREAM GARDEN at her exhibit in Helsinki.

DREAM GARDEN exhibit in Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu.

Artwork ‘MIAMI VIBE’ made into an acrylic print.