Our take on interior trends in 2020 – 5 design ideas

Did you know that we also do very customised surface products, such as these printed colour glass screens seen here?

Shake up your style with colour. Combine colourful details with earthy tones. Our poster collection has readily curated options for your walls with a hint of 90s vibe.

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Japandi is an infusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian muted palette. Select wooden and black elements together with Scandi neutrals to achieve a calming home retreat. Choose quality and simplicity over quantity. Finish the look with our high-quality matte Fine Art print.

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Decorate with lines. Line art  is a very popular right and can be found everywhere from posters to textiles. How about creating your own? Find some craft supplies from Paints and Friends or go a step beyond, hand forming with steel wire. If you are a very experimental DIYer, then combine steel wire with dried flowers and indoor plants.

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Wood. Add softness and warmth to your space with wood. Did you know that natural wood products can add to your overall wellbeing and decrease your stress levels? Layer your home with a wooden ceiling or add a custom-made headboard with slats or herringbone pattern. Try our plywood print for a quick touch up! 

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Glass screens. Glass has made a comeback as a contrast to muted, soft tones and shapes. Glass can be found in tables as well as in wall dividers. Give your home or office an edgy feel with custom made dividers. Psst! We can also manufacture glass screens in any colour you like with our glass inkjet printer. 

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